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Built for Performance

buy priligy online uk The EIMCO-RSG CM clarifier drive units are the most innovative designed drive on the market today.  Our EIMCO-RSG engineering team has uniquely created a drive unit that combines the quality and ruggedness of the original EIMCO cast iron drives with the most innovative user-friendly technology that is available today.   The EIMCO-RSG CM drive comes with a built-in load cell torque control device and VFD upgrade with a new state of the art stainless steel NEMA 4X control panel. This always allows our customers to accurately monitor the torque levels and the ability to change the speed on the mechanism.  Our customers love this new technology and the fact that it’s part of the industry standard name of “EIMCO” they love it even more.  

EIMCO-RSG Series Drives

eimco-rsg clarifier drive

The New upgraded EIMCO-RSG CM series drive units are built utilizing the EIMCO cast iron housing and gears with a huge upgrade to a built in load cell and VFD technology.  These drives are built to last with easier maintenance and operation.

CM Series Drives

The CM Drives for column supported clarifiers come standard with the planetary gearbox and stainless steel control panel with disconnect.

Front- New Innovative CM Drives1

BM Series Drives


The BM series drives for bridge supported clarifiers and thickeners come standard with built in load cell technology and control panel to receive accurate torque percentage through the LED display.  The BM drive also has a direct drive gearmotor eliminating chain and sprockets.

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