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Built to Last

buy modafinil uk debit card Upgrade your clarifier or equipment with our patented design premium skimming device or our one of kind premium design launder cover.   We can also send you spare parts or other upgraded parts and equipment. Skimming Devices, Launder Covers and Replacement Parts

Clarifier Replacement Parts


We can help you upgrade or replace existing clarifier equipment no matter the original manufacturer.   We have three warehouses around the country with new and used parts and equipment ready to ship.

EIMCO-RSG Premium Skimming Devices

Welcome to the new exciting EIMCO-RSG improved skimming device.  It has a patent pending design with the new nylon water resistant and free moving clevis to avoid steel on steel future corrosion leading to failure.  The new skimming device is only available in stainless steel and aluminum materials, mild steel painted skimmers are a thing of the past.

EIMCO Skimmer

Premium Launder Covers

The EIMCO-RSG Premium launder cover was designed to help eliminate algae and is very easy to maintain and use. Made from stainless steel and aluminum this light weight and roughed launder cover is like nothing that’s offered today with easy access to trough and weirs for inspection. Our professional team of experts will install this cover which is counter levered from the concrete wall and can withstand a wind factor of 100+ MPH and a load capacity of 250+ lbs. Remarkably, this premium stainless-steel cover is half of the cost of traditional FRP covers.

These premium launder covers can be easily opened for cleaning or inspection as each panel only weights 11 lbs. each.  Contact us today to have our professional turn-key labor crew install them in as little as 2 days.

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