Engineered to Perfection

The EIMCO-RSG brand of clarifiers are an improved uniquely designed clarifiers in combining the best of the original EIMCO types of heavy duty, robust and long-lasting clarifiers that are still running strong today with the innovative technology coming from Rebuild-it Services Group.  These clarifiers are designed by our engineering staff of EIMCO professional engineers that have been designing all different types of EIMCO and Dorr-Oliver clarifiers for many years. Our engineering staff has over 100 years of combined experience with designing clarifiers. The EIMCO-RSG Engineering team have come up with many proven designs that will not only help improve the operation and performance of the clarifiers but will also save time and money for our customers.    


The EIMCO-RSG brand clarifiers and other superior equipment can only be sold by Rebuild-it Services Group.   Rebuild-it Services Group has exclusive rights in the municipal industry to utilize and sell the products of the EIMCO brand name and trademarks.  No other company can utilize the quality name of EIMCO. Our EIMCO-RSG products will have the name “EIMCO” in the castings and other steel components that we sell to our customers.  The EIMCO name lives on through the EIMCO-RSG brand offered by Rebuild-it. We believe in offering our customers the very best quality products along with excellent customer service.  The proven designed EIMCO-RSG clarifiers offer optimal performance, high quality and a company you know and trust. EIMCO-RSG is the clear choice for all new and retrofit clarifiers. 

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Column Supported Clarifers

Front- EIMCO-RSG New Clarifier
EIMCO Clarifier

Our new upgraded column supported clarifiers for primary and secondary clarifiers in suction type, spiral blades or standard plow blades, EIMCO-RSG can upgrade or supply it new.

Bridge Supported Clarifers

EIMCO-RSG upgraded bridge supported clarifiers are designed using only the best heavy duty materials for many years of trouble free operation.

clarifier bridge


Our heavy duty thickeners are made with the best materials and design to outlast any other manufacturers thickener.  We do not cut corners in providing the best thickeners our customer are used to who have had EIMCO and Dorr-Oliver in the past.

EIMC-RSG Thickener

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